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Leo and his Spirit LP

Can you remember the first time you ever heard psych / stoner / doom?

Maybe 10 years ago I heard Finnish doom band Reverend Bizarre. My friend played their song ‘Dunkelheit‘ to me at a house party. Slow and crushing disciplined riffs really sucked me to another place. It probably wasn’t absolutely the first time, but it was an important moment that broadened my interests as a music listener.

How did you first get into the band in the record that you’re standing with?

I’m holding a compilation double LP by Spirit called ‘Spirit’, released in 1973. I found it in a very contemporary way: the Spotify algorithm kindly fed it to me after listening to The Amboy Dukes. I’m glad that I found this physical copy just recently in Eldica Records.

What’s your favourite Spirit song?

It must be ‘Gramophone Man‘ – the song I first heard in Spotify. It’s a really catchy and jazzy psychedelic rock track from 1968.