Marco Månemann

Halle, Germany

Heavy Anemone Concerts
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Marco, with Causa Sui’s Euporie Tide

What’s the most psychedelic experience you’ve had at a concert?

The most psychedelic experience I’ve had was at a concert of Danish group, Causa Sui at Desertfest Berlin in 2014 – a stopover on a 4000km road trip to Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo.

A friend of mine spontaneously caught a plane from Switzerland and we took some Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds in the early afternoon. A few seeds and blunts later, I was in unity with the universe – totally carefree. The band, with their peaceful but strong riffs, combined with patterns turning into oily and flashing paintings, affected my body and mind so much that I felt timeless and far away, but really here.

After the concert, there was a moment where I felt like I was having a panic attack because of a packed crowd, which felt like a sea around me, but I turned into cat/flow-mode and a few moments later, I was out of the hall, watching and capturing the luminous trees outside.

It was a life-changing night – I felt reborn as a more conscious and peaceful earthling. Afterwards, I quit my job and decided to live for my dreams.

What have been some of your favourite psych / stoner / doom nights?

Because I do this for – and with – passion, all of the days and nights spent preparing and working at the concerts and sessions have been absolutely great and I don’t want to miss out a single moment. In saying that, there are few special things I want to mention…

GiobiaRed Sun and Black Rainbows – all three from Italy – have turned into good friends and I try to catch their shows as often as possible. Giobia played in a super-small reggae club here once, Red Sun drove the whole way from Northern Italy to Halle in December in order to be a part of The Anemone Sessions and Black Rainbows came with us from Freak Valley Festival to play a last-minute basement gig. As well as huge stages, they seem to love searching for small, unique and temporary locations.

The Underground Youth… Very deep, wholehearted people, full of passion – I loved doing the show and the red/strobe light haha. Three days later, we had Mighty Sands from Lisbon here in a small bar and they took us forward to summer and raised dreams of surfing and some gigs and sets in Portugal. The Freeks from LA took off with us to a studio for some after gig late-night jams. Toner Low from The Netherlands – I got tears of happiness. Oh man, there have been so many great nights and moments. Thanks and greetings to all of the bands I have met and worked with.

What are your thoughts on the psychedelic scene?

It’s a place of peace and friendship. Even if there is sometimes darkness or a feeling of being lost in the music, many people behind the art are very conscious and sophisticated. It’s a scene full of dreamers, life-lovers and open minded people with little rivalry and little-to-no hate. I believe that so-called psychedelic music is very good for our patterns of thinking – it’s played more freely – it’s the antagonism of a life and creativity negating economic society.


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