Mertsi Murmann

Helsinki, Finland

Kolmas Korva (Psychedelic Music Blog)
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Mertsi, sporting his Hexvessel t-shirt

How did you first get into psychedelic music?

I was raised to be open towards various types of music – as I kid I could hear my parents listen to The Doors or Pink Floyd and later the same day, go to a classical concert with my childhood friend whose father played the flute. But my journey to neo-psychedelia really began as a teenager when my big brother urged me to try The Black Angels. That was a game changer. I’ll never forget hearing the opening chords of ‘You on the Run‘ for the first time.

What’s the most psychedelic experience you’ve ever had at a concert?

That must have been Föllakzoid’s gig at Vera Groningen in The Netherlands in 2013. I was at the gig without company, completely sober and during their last song, ‘Pulsar‘, I slipped into some kind of time-space vortex. I closed my eyes and fully lost track of time. That was an experience to remember.

Can you tell us more about Hexvessel?

Hexvessel is a Finnish psychedelic forest folk band with an English songwriter / vocalist. I read about them in 2011 and was instantly charmed by their powerful compositions, mysticism and praise of nature. Their music video for ‘Sacred Marriage‘ always reminds me of my fiancée and I. During these years I’ve only missed one Hexvessel gig in Helsinki.