Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows – The Magnetic Ridge (Kaleidosmoke)

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Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows - The Magnetic Ridge (Kaleidosmoke)

Please Note:
The ‘Kaleidosmoke’ edition consists of a clear transparent base, marbled with six different colours in batches, giving roughly 50 records of each colour. They will be sent out randomly as the orders come in, so the record that you receive will be any one of the five colours. If your order has more than one LP, all efforts will be made to get different colours to you.

As is often the case with vinyl production, results can vary – this means that some of this edition will only have a small amount of colour, a number of them will appear more ‘smokey’, others will be more colourful and a few may even have hints of two or more colours.

Label: Psychedelic Salad Records

Vinyl: 12-inch, 33rpm, 180g
Colour: Kaleidosmoke
Jacket: Matte Finish Gatefold Sleeve with 60cm x 30cm poster and sticker

Edition: 300

Number of Tracks: 10

Release Date: The album was originally released on 17th May 2021 and this re-press started shipping in November 2022.

Limited edition re-press of ‘The Magnetic Ridge’, the second album from Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows, which took out #11 on the Doom Charts for 2021!

The record contains ten tracks in total and this is the first re-press, after the ‘High Noon’ (Yellow Marble) and ‘Dank Forest’ (Transparent Green and Black Marble) variants sold out shortly after the album dropped.

Side A
01. The Tale Of (05:47)
02. The Magnetic Ridge (06:04)
03. De La Luna (01:26)
04. Rat Poisoning (07:03)
05. Langolier (04:20)

Side B
01. Stray (05:23)
02. The Painter In The Woods (05:23)
03. Absolved Pt. 1 (03:57)
04. Absolved Pt. 2 (02:48)
05. Black Road (05:33)