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Mars Red Sky – Apex III – SOLD OUT

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Sold Out!

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Mars Red Sky - Apex III - SOLD OUT

Please Note:
This is a ‘pre-sale’ that has been set up for Mars Red Sky fans in Australia and New Zealand. This page and the other Mrs Red Sound / Mars Red Sky pre-sale pages will remain active until 31 January 2022, when the final number of orders will be tallied up. The label will then ship the records to me and I’ll mail them out to everyone.

Orders from outside Australia and New Zealand can be made through the Mars Red Sky Big Cartel page.

Listenable Records

Vinyl: 12-inch, 33rpm, 180g
Colour: Transparent Green

Number of Tracks: 7

Side A
1. (Alien Grounds)
2. Apex III (The Emerald Tide)
3. Under The Hood (Ghosts in Uniform)
4. Friendly Fire (Demons Unleashed!)

Side B
1. The Whinery (Queen Of Born-Dead Dreams)
2. Mindreader (Laugh Of The Pantomime)
3. Prodigal Sun (Sodden April Fools)